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August 24, 2007



Tee-hee! I "think" it just needs a comma..."He doesn't know what we think, we don't know what he's thinking."


That hurt my brain.....


in MY defense I was typing fast so that I could get the email out and return to work. Punctuation was not a strength of mine this morning. SO picky...GAWD!

jen from boston

yeah, a comma would have helped things tremendously. Without it, it makes it look like Emily drinks at work.


Had she discovered the heretofore undiscovered combo of lemonade and vodka that day?

jen from boston

dawn, don't even get me started. But it looks like Emfigured out the perfect summer cocktail, yes.


I do have two cases of company logoed martini shakers at my desk. SOMEONE needs to make good use of them.
And what a nice sister I have that ridicules her pregnant (equal to HIGHLY SENSITIVE) sister on her blog for all to see. Nice Jen, real nice. Pick on the pregnant one. I'll remember that when it's time to select God parents. Oh yeah, I went THERE.

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