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August 01, 2007



I had the exam same situation last year. I had gone to Denver for my son's state marching band competition. I was feeling a little "ehhh" to begin with. However, sharing a hotel room with two women who were trying to outdo each other in the race for lung cancer megathon (mother and ex-mother in law), my "eh" escalated into to "holy SHIT!" The smoking, plus the dry hotel forced air, add in the constant yelling at the competitions (i know...geeky) - I had a URI that turned into the laryngitis. Except I sounded more like Marlo Thomas with a dash of Ernest Borgnine. Anyhooo - it took about an entire week to clear up after the meds. I drank lots of LEMON TEA with those little honey swizzle sticks, and sucked on some zinc lozenges - it helps. As long as you're not feeling sick (like fever) it'll work itself out. Good luck with that and what happened with the strippers? Did you pay them with shoes?


OMG. My post looks like it came from a non-English speaking 2nd grade student of the English. Sorry - trying to catch up on Weeds and surf at same time.


Interesting. The Megger is at a conference in Philly this week and has the same symptoms. Travel anxiety?


Man. You're STILL hoarse? Wow, that's some serious crap in the throat.

No advice for you, though. Sorry.


So, by my count, you still have seven pairs of tennis shoes, six pairs more than I own.

I just clicked through your pictures. Looks like ya'll were getting your drink on. A lot. Sorry I missed it, but with the breastfeeding, I wouldn't have been able to participate anyway. Next year.


With regard to running shoes? No one has as many as me. Maybe that's because I'm the only one (in my family of origin) who runs. At all. EVER.


I think that's honestly the best idea ever: hang out NEAR BlogHer, kick it with the bloghers, if you will, but don't spend copious abouts of money to actually "attend." I really might be stealing that idea next year. ; )

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