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August 15, 2007



Hey, say hello to Gopher and Doc. ( Fun fact about UG. It's one of his all time favorite shows! I know, right?)


awesome!!!! I think the boat name will have the power of a thousand drunken Christmas parties!!


You're sure other coworkers are invited, right? I imagine you showing up and it is just you and a creepy male boss. Heh.

Fraulein N

Now I've got that song in my head. "Why can't we tell nobody..."


Then there are the two coworkers who see the name of the boat and whisper to each other, "They know!"


Is this the "pants optional" cruise?


Okay, I was gone all weekend, so you have to tell me-what happened at the cruise? Did you meet a "Secret Looover, that's what we are?"


This brings to my mind the old saying about dipping your pen in the company ink well. Secret Love. *snicker*

I totally changed my template before coming here.. I wanted you to know that. At least I am rocking the purple one...


"Secret Love" reminds me of a story of two roommates...


Hey, was Charo part of the entertainment?

jen from boston

Tim - right? hee. reminds me of the line 80s classic tune,
"Sercret - LOVE-ers. [yeah]
That's what we are."

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