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September 12, 2007


mike graham


congrats on the new house. I am quickly approaching my 1 year mark as a new home owner myself. I can gladly say, you did the right thing. BTW, new baby pics on the site as well as house pics. Hope all is well.


I feel your pain. I have 38 dollars in my checking account. Thank god payday is tomorrow or I'd starve to death.

Operation Pink Herring

I used to loathe rain. Now I love it, for it means I don't have to water the outside plants (no lawns here, so we just have container plants which start to wilt after ONE DAY of no water... LAME).


I felt sooo old the first time said something about how the lawn really needed the rain.

Miguelina (Reluctant Housewife)

I said the SAME thing yesterday! Our lawn looks like one patchy bale of hay, but at least it's wet now.


Okay so I forgot the recycling. Do I get points for the trash?


Are you sure you're not talking about my checking account?


Yes, but you can paint the walls any color you want without asking permission! (well, if 47 bucks will cover the cost of the paint, anyway)

I'm all about the silver linings baby.


Thank god we don't have a lawn anymore.

However the parking habits of neighbors, the mailman's inconsistent schedule, and the inability of our next door neighbors to shovel the fucking sidewalk during a snowstorm keep us engaged in full snark mode.

Oh yeah, that and all our fundage gets sucked up by 1) fake stucco repair, 2) replacement doors and windows, 3) replacing the carpenter-ant infested shed, and 4) purchasing new dishwasher when the old one fails.

Welcome To The Joys Of Home Ownership!

Nap Queen

Congrats on the house! Oh yeah, in Texas, we homeowners LOVE the rain. Our grass is usually brown and crispy right about now. I remember getting really excited about buying new light fixtures and switchplates. Ooooo, exciting.

jen from boston

I have a feeling I'm never going to have more than 47 dollars in my checking acct. for a long, long time.

This house better be worth it, is all I'm saying. OR at least the tax write off.
But yea, light fixtures! Switch plates! (not sarcastic exclamation points, btw)


Tax write off is a BEAUTIFUL thing...you just might cry a lil' bit. Tears of joy of course.


Plants? What are plants? Are you referring to the ugly brown things hanging off my porch? Also, three summers is all it took and the beautiful (empty) window boxes are about to go in the trash.


Yeah, just wait until spring when you get to spend an ungodly amount of money in the Home Depot garden department. Myles may not get to go to college, but at least we'll have fruit trees in our yard.


I totally missed the home ownership! Congrats! Very exciting!

I've been out in la la land recently. Forgive me.


I am forever worrying about our grass too, how boring!

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