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September 20, 2007



Your exercise regimen, even as it is, sounds a damn sight more disciplined than mine these days.

And hey, doncha think those would be some entertaining wedding photos? "Hey kids, this is your grandma on crutches at her wedding reception. I know it looks bad, but you should have seen the other guy..."


Heh. I stopped playing soccer so I could coach my daughter's team. I love it, but it sure isn't nearly as much exercise being coach. :P I'm all wimpy and stuff now.

Nap Queen

LOL, I actually DO blame my thyroid for making me fat---it surely couldn't be the fact that I eat whatever I want these days and go to the gym once a week....


I keep getting spam about enlarging my penis.

My non-existant penis and I are getting pretty pissed about it.

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