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September 10, 2007





I didn't watch the show, but have seen many online references to Britney's performance having been phoned in. I can't believe most people think a bad performance is more noteworthy that what Sarah Silverman said afterwards.

What a smug little bitch.

Abe Froman

Hooray to your absolutely necessary nod to common decency!

Abe Froman

Hooray to your absolutely necessary nod to common decency!

Miguelina (Reluctant Housewife)

Sarah Silverman was not funny. In fact, she rarely is. She's just mean and sadly, there's nothing unique about being mean.

Nap Queen

I cannot stand her. I hate to say this, but she's obviously sleeping with someone because there's no reason for her to have gotten that gig. She's an angry little woman. Angry. And Bitter. They should have given it to Gaffigan.

jen from boston

Gaffigan's a little too high brow for this crowd- too many jokes about food (specifically Hot Pockets and bacon) and napping.

I think Kathy Griffin would have been the better choice, what with her encyclopedia brain of pop culture and her sharp wit that blends snark and self-depracation --goes to the edge but not to the point where you're thinking, "man, who pissed in her Cheerios?"

For example, from her show this summer, she had a bit where she repeats an actual conversation with Paris Hilton from a photoshoot they were on together and she's asked by Paris about a word she'd just read in a text mssg from a friend:

"um, what's Ver-sah-tile?"

"Uh, first of all it's [quickly]'ver-sah-til' and second, it's something that that'd would never be used to describe you."

snarky, brings the point home that Ms PH aint so bright, gets a laugh, but not going to leave the audience with a "are we supposed to...should we...laugh...now?"


that is all

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