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November 12, 2007



So you're going to the party, right?

Am impressed with the To the Virgins reference. Nothing like a little 17th century poetry to punctuate your point.


I saw "that guy" after I had my first baby (like a week later). And he was selling cars (not your top of the line car but more a more economical brand). He asked how I liked being a mom (not a good question less than 5 days in). And I asked how he liked....selling cars....? He said it was work that made him feel good about himself. He felt like he was doing a charitable deed by getting people with less than stellar credit into cars that could save their lives. He was giving back to the community. I think the hormones/sleep deprivation combo took over and I busted up laughing saying "I think Mother Theresa sold those in Calcuta!".
Isn't it funny that "that guy" always sells cars???


Ew. I am not sure who "that guy" in my class would be, but I could guess. I have not been solicited for any creepy no husband parties yet though.


I just threw up in my mouth. A little.

Could you send me his link? i might go to the part....ommmmmgggggfffmmmmmm gggg i couldn't even get that line out i just hurled.

the end.

jen from boston

Jess, Didn't make it as I no longer qualify as 'still hot' since I ditched my mom's threads and I truly believe that was part of my allure back on the day (I mean, who wouldn't want to jump a Chadwicks of Boston wannabe model? right?).


Guys who speak in the third person turn me on.


If Karma exists, those ladies will show up with husbands and Paul and his nasty little friend will get their asses handed to them.

Fraulein N

Oh. Well. Well I'll be god damned. That Guy never DID grow up like we'd all hoped he would.

Why is my favorite part of this thing the fact that they're accepting RESERVATIONS? That part cracks me up for some reason.


Reservations - so they will have enough luuuuuube on hand. We old hotties have some moisture problems now that we are again, you know.

Dude. Look on your local Craigslist M4W. If you find him ( and methinks you will) We can do a whole feature on Desperately.

After all, you know you want this.

Gah. I can smell the Off brand Polo from here.


The line about taking reservations cracked me up too.

Beautiful Girls is one of my favorite movies. Sounds like this Paul and that Paul have a lot in common. I wonder if he has a St. Bernard named Elle Macpherson too.

About 8 years ago we went to a wedding where some people I knew in high school were "swapping" back at the after party. It was pretty crazy. One of them might have been an old boyfriend.


I saw that guy at ny HS reunion - the worst part was him saying those things in front of his wife (who actually smiled the whole time - methinks she was really a cardboard cut-out)


douchebag is the perfect description for him. gross.

also, I spent the whole time reading this trying to figure out if we might know each other because the town I grew up in has a Rockville and an Avon nearby. Fascinating, right?


Fortunately, I wasn't that hot in high school and my high school sweethearts really WERE sweet...and generally still are. Oddly, I got squat out of classmates.com and reunion.com...myspace was the means to reunite my class, which, though graduating in the mid-90s, used Never Tear Us Apart for our class song.

I don't remember voting for that.

I don't think we ended up with a car dealer, but there were a lot of rich kids in my class. The douchebags stayed douchebags and the smart kids went on to be roughly as successful and mostly happy as anticipated. We do have a stripper in Vegas who got new boobs and botox before 30, though, and the girl who says she works for J-Lo.

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