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November 17, 2007



I have a Blackberry, the kind with a bigger keyboard. The phone on it kind of sucks, but it is good for using the internet. The Blackberry with the smaller keyboard is supposed to have a better phone, but I think it is harder to type on.

I love the green coat.


I have the Blackberry Pearl, the smaller Blackberry that R mentions...the phone seems fine to me, but the smaller keyboard does take a little getting used to. I'd say it's best for short email replies and texts than for hard-core texting and emailing...but I use it to check my work and home emails, get online, etc and I love it.


I do NOT recommend a Treo. Bane of my existence. Jeremiah has a Blackberry Curve that he's obsessed with, and my new phone is a mini Razr. I like it SO much better than that wretched Treo, and I don't miss the PDA aspect.

I voted for the white coat.

mike graham


Long time reader, infrequent poster.... 2 things

The Coat: Id stay with the green one. Unless you plan on breaking out the matching white snow pants and planting ourself in from of a 20 foot fireplace somewhere in Vermont waiting for Hans to return from a day on the slopes..... The green one.

The phone: I also have the Pearl that Jane describes above, but as she warns...The keyboard can be a little off-putting to most. Unless you have a need for the smallest gadget, Id probably recommend the Blackberry Curve (the larger one). Its all about email and an ok browser (about 50% of the sites you want to see will be visible). But if you are really leaning toward the iPhone type heavy internet browser device, there are other options too numerous to discuss here. reach out separate if you want that flurry of info...

Mike G

mike graham

Wow am I a bad typist.... Lets see...

(ourself=yourself, from=front) in the same sentence


Green, defintely the green.
As for a phone, sorry, I stick with the basics - LG380.


green coat, the white one is pretty, but if you're anything like me will get dirty so fast.

If you have to stay with Verizon, i have the enV that I love. Battery lasts 3-4 days, full keyboard, and can do internet if you pay for the service.

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