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December 03, 2007



ooh, please get an el camino!!!


oh the visual is just too much to bear.....you and mike stepping DOWN into the El C.....
"officer did i KNOW ther wuz a baby in beck??? yeh, why?? iz she still ther???? we didn't lose her on the pike did we??? We told her hold on TIGHT!!"

jen from boston

Em, ur comment is probably more entertaining that this post. HEE. That is how we roll is these parts. Babies, you just hold on tight.

according to our cuz, these are pretty popular in CA and HI.


I really cannot see you as a passenger in an El Camino.


Maybe Mike's dad has been reading your blog and liked your recent fashion flashback photos, made him think of a better time when the El Camino was at the top of the car chain. Wait, it probably was NEVER at the top, was it?

An El Camino might be the car I'd least like to drive. I might pick a cargo van over that one. And that's saying a lot.


I just picture you slowing morphing into Joy from "My Name is Earl".

Fraulein N

Okay, so the BEST part of that whole exchange? Is the whole "It's like a station wagon" argument. You know, like he envisioned you responding, "Oh, well in THAT case..."


Thanks for reminding me I used to call them Crucks when I was a wee lass.

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