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January 05, 2008




That is rich. I would have loved to see the look on your face. Classic!

jen from boston

I honestly don't know how I didn't make an audible gasp that brought attn. to myself.

(wait, I did have laryngitis, maybe that saved me)


men are so gross, especially at the gym. it's like all the men of the world who don't need to be seen naked, ever.

glad you made it out alive and relatively unharmed.


I did that at a restaurant last year! Except I was seen! But the good thing was that there were no naked men in the restaurant bathroom. I feel your pain!


Oh DAMN. Dude. Only you.


OMG! Hilarious!


Hmmm....that sounds like this movie I saw once...


that sounds just like something I would do. Sorry that your workout plan will have to be halted forever, obviously you can't go back. at least not at that same time. or without a new haircut.

Genevieve Olsen

Thanks for the giggle,I thought I was the only one with those kind of brillaint moves!!!!

Genevieve Olsen

Oh damn I hate mispelled words!!! I meant :Thanks for the giggle; I thought I was the only one with those kind of brilliant moves!!!!
Oh well at least I caught my own mistake hehe! Have a great week!

Susan Gets Native

Oh, now. They TOTALLY noticed. And made crude, rude jokes after you left.
That's how guys roll.

: )
I adore your blog, BTW.


The least you could have done was get a camera phone shot. Sheesh.


hee hee. you didn't have your camera? that was an excellent photo opp!


This is my first time here, from -r-'s site, and what a hilarious post to see. Thanks for the laugh!

Incidentally, if it had been a man in the woman's locker room, he'd have been arrested. Ha.

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