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February 05, 2008



sign me up for reading that recap biznass. I always want to watch the show but 10pm is so....late. Um, I didn't say that. I usually catch it in 2 hour blocks on the weekends.


Once is Here, twice is There. You're covered.


Ugh. Daniel Baldwin is THE WORST. He never shuts up!


Well, regarding Daniel Baldwin....he's only there to be of help to others, you know, because all his cocaine use is in the PAST. Also, being with those other ruffians is jeopardizing his sobriety. What's a man to do?
Re: the confession thing. My next door neighbor, growing up (you remember, Vinny Carbone?)once gave me his key to a perfect confession. "You just admit to anything you're comfortable with....and then at the end add 1 lie. sounds like a reliable plan. But, ya know, he was a "public".

jen from boston

Tee, this is what gets me. Didn't he mention in his intake that they found "point 1 nanograms [sic] of metabolized cocaine in his system" and asked the good doctor if it was "possible to have cocaine linger in your system for an extended period of time." Now, we don't get a clear indication of the timeframe of the "nanogram of metabolized coke" but the doc was like, "uh, no, it doesn't hang around indefinitely - but nice try."


Yeah, you read that the same way I did. You couldn't tell if he was talking about the admission people there, or at a past rehab. But, Dr. Drew was having none of it. Yet, after that conversation, Daniel was still giving the same hype about just wanting to give others the benefit of his PAST experiences.


I watched the first episode of Celebrity Rehab while drinking 3/4 of a bottle of wine. Awesome.

I love your niece's order. You better get on that!


Bwahah, Daniel Baldwin is like the total typical addict personality. He makes excused for everything. Lies about everything. BS's everyone. Why, oh why, does he still have a wife? And a wife that agreed to get knocked up? Is she cuh-razy?

I love shows where I can watch and judge and feel good about it.

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