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February 19, 2008



OMG. Isn't she too funny! I just love that girl.


Not to mention, you could focus all of your fashion dollars into shoes...


You should always wear comfortable clothes while shopping. You know, easy on, easy off, etc. Clearly she is a pro.


Yes. Less is more!


i'm not saying i'm wearing that right now, but i've got elmo on my butt


so adorable. I'm tempted too. Probably not til summertime though.

jen from boston

I might be inclined to hit the Mystic Tan too.


I don't know about the giant shoes, though. They pose a serious tripping risk. Just ask Rosie.


I actually took my own granddaughter's photo off, to TEMPORARILY replace my computer background with this one...it makes me laugh so much. Molly will be back on very soon, however.
Hilarious post, by the way.

jen from boston

Jess, so long as it's not grocery shopping. Am I right?

T- it seems Libs has hit the "pants are optional" stage of her development.

Nic- exactly. everyone knows it's shoes & bags that make the outfit anyway. this just cuts out the middle man.

Furiousball- for some reason I keep reading that as you have "emo butt". Why is your butt so sad?

Nancy- maybe a strappy kitten heel? understated yet still sexy?

MamaT- thanks for the pimpin. Yeah, who knew I was pro-nudist? Well, my neighbors for one. (serioulsy, we have GOT to get some blinds)


And you forgot the most important part. No more pesky trips to the bathroom in the middle of your favorite shows.

Fraulein N

I love that she's clearly got big plans. You know, with the shiny purse and the shopping cart and all.


It must be something about being a 2 year old girl. Kaitlyn loves to be "nakey", and she is always piling random stuff into her little plastic shopping cart and pushing it around the house. I think Libs is absolutely adorable :)




Awesome look. And no need to worry about accessories!


I don't get how babies are always naked and loving it. I'm always freezing. Just seeing that little naked body makes me shiver.

Also, she is way adorable.


She makes me want to head for some island and wear only scraps of sarong and umbrella drinks in front of my boobs. Ah, youth.

Jenny, Bloggess

Sweetie, you cold TOTALLY pull that off.

Aren't you the same girl who wore nipple pasties in 5th grade? Answer: yes.

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