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April 22, 2008



eeeeek I love your new banner and slogan. Also, did you know I moved blogs?

jen from boston

tiff- you have put in me in a quandary! A Quandary!

Yeah- I keep meaning to update so I can find you.


ohhhh, so tempted to not sell you on parenthood. I have so many ways. Chipmunks and Wiggles are just the tip of the iceberg...

However, I think you'll be a great mom, so I'll refrain. Although your kids might object if you never havve a few bucks set aside to take them to DQ. I'm just sayin'.

jen from boston

Nancy- she wasn't trying to be funny or ironic. She was like, sincerely trying to tell me "dude, have you herd the latest chipmunk cd? Because it's AWESOME." I'm all, Who are you?...NERD.

(says the girl who knows the lyrics to that Hannah Montana song that's on the radio. And I mean every. single. word. Goddamnit if it's not catchy.)


Seriously, if I have to listen to Wiggles or Jo-Jo's circus in the car anymore I might go INSANE. So finding "child approved" music that is SEMI normal is HUGE. And "Christmas Don't Be Late" always makes me laugh when thinking of a young Brian and Timmy singing it in Cathy's Summer Day Care talent show....


post the pic of Sarah with Gracie! "Um, I am the one with the baby here!"


Now I want a blizzard.

Also, I love HIMYM. SO. MUCH.


Jen, Wendy's has a fairly Blizzard-like oreo/frosty cup of deliciousness AND they take credit cards... if you forget to restock the fiver in your glove compartment. I've missed ya. Please stop working and start posting.


DQ is Old freaking school. Blizzards.......oh to be young and have a fantastic metabolism again.


DQ is old freaking school. Mmmmm....Blizzards. To be young and possessing a fast metabolism again.


Thank you.....thank you for my real laugh out loud moment of the day over the chipmunk story.

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