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May 20, 2008



Can i have your coat? Also, your shoes. Brilliant. Thanks.


Oh, say hi to London for me if you're still there. I can't wait to go back someday.


what a BRILLIANT photo!!! love it.

i take it with all this traveling, you won't be attending Blogher this year???


You look fabulous! You should always have a red phone booth handy for photo opps :) I'm so jealous of your trip!


this picture is PERFECT.
i'm off to flickr to favorite it.

jen from boston

wow - thanks, my peoples. You is too kind.

And isn't Mike a wicked smaahty to finally get that I require many shots so that I know at leasst 1 of them will be halfway decent. This was like, 1 of 4 (er, 6?) and unlike 99.9% of photos of me, I actually like this one. That even me willing to overlook my roots.

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