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June 02, 2008



Maybe dentists schools figured that they need attractive dentists to not have people hate them so much....and to actually LISTEN to what the dentist suggests. You think they put that in the dental school application? "Are you attractive?"
"Jerry" as I call MY dentist has seen strong improvement over the years. I floss not because I SHOULD (blah blah blah)but because I do not DARE be embarassed in front of....Jerry.....
Oh and Dec 4th, black turtleneck with grey wool trousers (weather permitting) and cute heeled boots....and your hair in that loose curl that you referenced above (it's a good look for you).

all the wine

a lacy neglige with some maribou? You could be like, "sorry I just woke up!"


My dentist is old and gray and sweet like a grandfather. Thank God, because I'm petrified of all dentists. Also, your next appt. is on my birthday. Wear your party clothes.

jen from boston

sweet granfatherly types are another quadrant on the same side of awesome, too.

All Wine: had to look up maribou, but I think you mean those wispy feathers that arein the sexy heeled boudoir slippers that Carrie wore in SATC to heat thing up with Berger? Just the idea of me walking in the get up cracks me up. "Oh, this? Just something I had hanging in my closet."

Btw, this gets in better, when Mike told me the other dentist (his) is ALSO a v. good looking guy. There is just no downside to this office, I tell you.


I wore pink spongy rollers to bed last night. All. The. Rage.


Is this the office I used to work in??


Wait! it is the office I used to work in cuz' I referred Mike to it. I'm so gonna "out" you... kidding. Yeah it's a good looking office. My position was to be the eye candy at the front desk, uh kidding again.

Fraulein N

Hee hee. "Dr. Swoonface." I had a cute dental student work on my mouth one time.

Um. Wow, that sounded less dirty in my brain.


Oh, I had two hot dentists up until recently, when they both left the practice around the same time.

Not surprisingly, I'm shopping for a new practice. ;-)

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