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July 01, 2008



Oooh, oooh, I think I know about the bull riding thing! We had one at a Spring Fest in college. They're from the inflatables company.


A saddle astride two heavy-gauge bungee cords affixed to some trees?

Regardless, DENY!


Isn't it like the contraption from the movie Revenge of the Nerds?


I'm thinking along the lines of what Madge said -- back to when I was a kid in the horse-crazy phase, my grandfather affixed a big empty metal barrel to our swingset so I could "ride" it. Maybe it's something like that?

We had an ice cream social at work. 8 flavors and various topics. I don't think that compares to a bull riding thing, however.

jen from boston

The picnic is going to have"

"Pony racing thing (inflatable ponies)", the bull riding thing, a bounce house and possibly a real pony.

My firsst thought was "Um, how do I get to work for this company?"


The bull riding thing is actually a donkey with some steer horns either duct-taped or stapled on (depending on how high quality it is). I rented one for my Christmas Eve party one year.


We did a country western theme for our golf outing at work last month and rented the "bull riding thing". It was totally fun. It's a mechanical bull with an inflatable surrounding it, so that no one gets hurt when they fall. Except a few people actually did get hurt...not bad though. It was probably a good thing that it was so hot out and that not many people rode it after a few drinks and sued us. photos: http://www.mechanicalbullrentalsandsales.com/mechanical_bull_pics.htm


Every time I comment on your blog no one ever comments after me. Am I a comment killer? Or am I just always late seeing (and therefore commenting) on your new posts???

jen from boston

Meg, you crack me up. COMMENT KILLER!!!

(And now you are no longer the last comment. Tada!)


Yeah! Thanks. Oops, now I'm last again. Damn!!

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