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July 24, 2008



Ha! I bet she will recover quickly.


to really trip her out, you should EAT HER BRAINS.

jen from boston

Hopefully she will. And I felt like adding, "HEY! I'VE BEEN GOING TO THE GYM, SO YOU KNOW!!!"


Next time, just show up in pasties.


Yeah did ya not know it's like so un-un-un-cool to turn up in a bikini if there is going to be another girl there who is "X" years younger as your going to be seen as "TOO" old to be wearing it.
It's easy to freak kids out, I do it sometimes to my nephew .... evil uncle that I can be he gets me back good style though.

jen from boston

MamaT- Totally. Half-pint has no idea just how far I can take the fug and the ridiculous, so she'd just better watch it.


This cracked me up and inspired me to write about a recent, similar incident. Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration!

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