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July 28, 2008



I love how she's all "yeah, this is normal" but not too snobby about the whole thing. Very laid back very casual...

jen from boston

I had told her if she was good, I would take her to get her nails done. She was SO pumped for it and even the salonist commented on how good she did (as in how well do most 5 year old sit still for the amt of time she took and did what she was told).


aunt Jenn will you take me to get my toes done now please!? I promise I will try and sit still!


I wanna go too! ('cept I'd need a special needs manicurist, as I have really wonky toes :-( )


She looks perfectly content!! LOL...I love it.


I'm clearly hanging with the wrong crowd!


Wow, I didnt get my first pedi till I was in my 20s!


I didn't my first pedi until I was 12 and my feet resembled that of a hobbit.

jen from boston

Yeah, I kind of spoil her - but she is such a girlie girl and was so excited to do it like us big girls and was so good....I was like, "oh...okaaaay".

It wasn't the full on pedi/mani - just a polish change, so for 10 bucks I made her day.

I didn't get my first mani/pedi until my sister kate's wedding in 2001 (which made me...28? I think.)

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