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March 25, 2009



ooooh that's painfully awkward. Sorry.


I would have started having a loud conversation with him about something...anything...until the sketch was over.


We watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno with my father, and it was mildly awkward. But the worst was when Dave tried to show off his new DVR and put this disc in of shows he'd pre-recorded....there were a few sports clips and then a clip of a young Cat Stevens crooning and then there was this huge manwand thrusting into some girl who was simultaneously pleasuring herself at the same time. And the noises, OH MY GOD, the noises.

I wanted the floor to open up and SWALLOW ME WHOLE.


I should probably have added that he played this disc of pre-recorded shows while his MOTHER AND STEPFATHER were over.

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