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April 03, 2009



GaW sounds like she's going to be spouting more and more from her assvice box in the near future.


Someone at work told me I was so big she was surprised I still fit down the hallway.


"When are you due?" This was in the hospital cafeteria, three or four days after I'd had the baby! Good times, good times...


I am waddling at this point. It will happen.

jen from boston

Squirrel, yeah, so far she has been the main fountain of my comments.
There was one about my face, too. Oh shut up, GaW.

R- nice...nice. I wonder if you could have offered, "but my size 8s are big enough to fit up your....ha, ha. Kidding!"

Jane - blergh. Did you say "want to meet him/her? s/he's just upstairs."

Jess, I understand. However, 1. my belly isn't that big to warrant inquiries of my balance, and 2. if I'm walking towards you, that question should answer itself. Do ppl. just make up questions to ask??


I hear you can really on tell a full waddle from behind....not defending her at ALL though, WAY out of line there.
I attended a happy hour for someone who was leaving the company three weeks after Libby was born and someone asked me "so when are you having the baby." (please note I have a beer in hand...i pumped before i left!) I looked at him and said "ummmmm three weeks ago, thanks for noticing!" I SAT RIGHT OUTSIDE HIS OFFICE! His wife made him send me flowers on my first day back at work. She was petrified he tossed me into PPD.
people are morons when it comes to pregnancy.

Fraulein N

Congrats! Oh, people are assholes.

sesli chat

Thank You..



off to flickr.

also - JESS - are you blogging anymore??? how are you doing, and when are you due??? how is jonas???


Maybe she likes to watch people waddle, and was asking in a sort of hopeful way, so you'd demonstrate...

Yeah. It's a stretch. And my version only makes her weirder.

Well, congratulations, Jen from Boston! I'm horribly behind the times -- I should do the math-- have you had the baby already?

Either way-- great news!

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