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January 20, 2010


Van Kapeghian

next time i see a pregnant woman, i'm going to point at her stomach and ask, "Wilson?"


You're back! You were sorely missed. I'm sorry for your loss, but am happy for you. Great news!


That last one is the best picture in the history of EVERYTHING.

I'll continue my daily mental fedex of good vibes to you, Mike and the sweet pea. XO

jen from boston

Yeah, I didn't want to name-drop that one of "my babies" once played opposite Tom Hanks "in that movie", but yah, that's Wilson.

FYI- If you see a woman w/ an Ab Slide shape, I wouldn't say anything. Just a personal saftey measure.

Thanks for the good thoughts, ladies. I'm taking them.


I would not want to see the delivery of the Ab Slide. That would ruin ya.

I am so happy for you and Mike. XOXO. Keep feelin' 8.5 or higher please.


Very sorry for your loss and also very happy for you this time around. Best, best wishes and vibes coming to you and your husband and your son.

(Longtime reader/lurker!)


You're a nut! But an adorable one.

jen from boston

Hollowsquirrel- yah, the ab slide would definitely leave a mark (What's teh Push Prize for that??). Btw, 8.5 is on the crappy end. Thankfully the majority of that is behind me.

Hi Jane! Glad you've delurked (is today the day?) Nice to hear from you and thanks.

Em- but you knew this already.


Wow. I am so sorry about Daniel. That is really terrible. I had a similar experience 2 years ago but I was only in 2nd trimester. It practically killed me. Glad things are going well this time, and loved this post!


I'm still in the camp of not telling anyone at work and working the "yep, i guess i might want to consider hitting the gym." angle. clearly idiot woman is not worthy of getting any info on the down low.
And we pray every day that you can feed me beer while I feed your sweet pea next summer. Sams Summer please!
And I still laugh about that resume padding.....remember when my boss called me out on it and asked me to join the company LEAGUE!!!! I told him that I prefer tennis, even though I turned down that big scholarship to Dartmouth! ;)
Welcome Back!


Welcome back!


I am so sorry for your loss. Good thoughts, vibes and prayers your way...

This was great, btw! Although, I have to say Fig 3.1 might be my favorite. New Heidi is KILLING me!!! (But I just can't look away...I want more pictures even!!)


That picture of you with the actual basketball shoved under your shirt? Yeah, that's how I looked when I was gestating Oliver.

Jen - I've missed you. I can't imagine all that you've been through but hot damn, here you are with your sense of humour in tact. Fuckin' A.


I can imagine, almost to his very grimace, how Mike reacted to photographing this insanity.


oh Jen! I've been praying for you guys! I've missed you and am so happy to hear about this!

much love from this interwebz stranger!


I'm loving the little bump you've got, but I would have to agree it looks NOTHING like a watermelon.

Cracking up at the ab slide baby.

Jen from Boston

I've missed you, my Interwebz pals, too. Am trying to get back in the swing of writing more (or posting pics and writing in really big font like I did in school)

Yes, Jess, my husband is (sigh)...a patient man. I think with this series, Mike could just show him/her this and say, "Listen, your mom put an ab slide up her shirt. on purpose. And made me document it. Nothing you do is "too weird", okay?"

MamaT- yeah, my sense of humor did some heavy lifting in 2009. Thankfully, it's still here, I'm still here.

Lauren, have the tripod out, seeing if I can figure it out (and find the remote switch) so I don't have to inflict such unspeakable, spousal torture. Photojournalism at its finest.

Nancy, forget my stomach, I think people should be more focused on how fantastic my tits look. Seriously, I stare at them when I get out of the shower. Too bad they're just loaners.


Dang chickie... I think this calls for a new camera investment- have you checked out the Canon EOS D5 Mark II? Ahhh Ooooo gurgle, gurgle, slobber. Camera envy. Glad to see you back, sista! At least your coworker didn't say your butt looked like it had a basketball in it. Seriously, I think that chick was extending an invitation for you to have your water break in her chair. Or, at least pass copious amounts of gas in it.

jen from boston

Amy - I'm going to pretend I did't see that you recommended a $2500 camera body. You cannot put these thoughts in my head (was at Best Buy Sat.)

That week actually got worse, getting a lecture on diet, what to eat/not, don't skip the prenatal, etc. (this was from a different coworker), including almost having a cup of coffee taken off my desk after I argued with her "Yes...Coffee." (it should be pointed out I've "been to this dance befoer)
After telling her twice, I had to tell her to back off (literally - those were my exact words).Happens again, I'm going to HR. Not sure why peole think they're a better mother to my kid than I am. and my kid didn't die because I drank coffee or didn't know the value of fruits & vegtables.

Fraulein N

I'm sorry for your loss. Glad you're back blogging and congratulations on your baby-to-be.

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