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February 09, 2010


Van Kapeghian

that letter from 1980... wow, what a sweet kid you were :)


OH MY GOD, seriously, you cannot catch a break. I'm thinking about you and hoping the rest of 2010 brings you much more happiness and peace than the beginning.

Those writings are hilarious, and you really do have beautiful penmanship! I went to Catholic school and do not have nice penmanship!


I'm so sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds like an awesome lady with a great sense of humor...much like yourself. This IS the way your mom would want to remember her and to grieve...through fond memories and laughter. Hugs to you and your siblings (and possibly some Depends for your sister).

I like how page 2's margins become increasingly larger as the essay progresses towards The Big Finish.



Jen from Boston

HS-Yeah,I did the chipping in of the margin "like yah- no one's going to notice this." Formed a nice little acute triangle over there, didn't I? Writers version of "skimming from the top." I really had nothing to say but knew I couldn't get out of it.

Halloween, Yeah, the week was filled with other events, which on their own would stand to try one's patience and cause some emotional response. My car battery died and my sister's washing machine kicked (with a load of wet clothes in it). I am currently washing my sister's kids' clothes, not to be a good person/sister, but to hopefully offset the Hanging Up on Santa event. Always working an angle.


I am so sorry about your Mom, Jen. I feel bad too because I left a peppy comment on your photo on Flickr of you and your Mom before I came here. I really hope it didn't come off like I was making light of such a sad situation.

The card and the Christmas Spirit essay are priceless. My parents never made me write an essay like that, but I remember having to write "I will not talk in assembly" 100 times when I was in about 2nd grade:P


Oh, Jen, I am SO sorry for your loss. My sympathies to you and your family.

I, too, went to Catholic school and the Joseph "confusion" made me laugh out loud. But honestly, without looking it up, I wouldn't know for 100% absolute certain that they weren't the same dude.

And, um, my Dad made me right a book report on "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (what the..., right?) when I was about 12 or 13. God, I hope he saved that. ha!


Wonderful memories...and illustrated, no less! God bless her for saving them. These will be so helpful.
I love this entry because it reflects you so well...your sensitivity, dry wit and immeasurable capacity to love.


Jen - I got your comment on my blog today. I'm so sorry you're going through this; you know I can relate, and I'm thinking of you.

I am amazed, though, that your sense of humour is in tact. Well - no, I'm not amazed, really; I kind of figured you'd still be teh funny even in times like this. But damn, g. I'm really impressed.


Found out what my version of your car battery and kate's washing machine is....our garbage disposal kicked out the metal things that actually grind up the food.......why is mom breaking all our appliances????

adriana st. cyr


Two nights ago prior to falling asleep, you entered my mind. Curious to hear on yours and your baby's well-being, I reminded myself to reach out to you the next day. Errands, early dimentia and a sunny day that urged me to venture out for a long trek distracted me seeing my intentions through. So here I am in my usual fashion, a wee-bit late. Reading your words, I am reminded of life's circular, bittersweet and ironic nature. I am thrilled to hear you and your baby girl are healthy but so saddened by the loss of your mom. Wow, are you ever her replica. I'm so happy you heeded her advice and took to writing, that day and still. Through your words and remembering her and her then-seemingly- quirky ideas keeps your mom alive (albeit in a St. Nick-like form). Your daughter will someday benefit from your humorous and tender accounts and will come to know her grandma and mom in a deeply personal way. I admire your courage to confront the enormity of the emotions you are enduring and thank you for sharing your life's moments.


i enjoyed those letters!!

jen - im sorry about your mom. i know that loss, and its hard one.



Shit Jen, I'm so sorry. Loves to you.

Fraulein N

Sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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