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February 22, 2010



"The children are the children and are self-explanatory." *snort!*

This stuff is gold, Jen. It's awesome that you saved it.


I kind of dig the whole Essay As Punishment. It's very Breakfast Club.

There's some nice early passive aggression here. A+

Jen from Boston

Nancy, my mom saved these and kept with her. Obviously, this is the stuff she cherished most.

Jess, she was a former school teacher, so this lines up. God, I hated these. But yeah, passive-aggression can be an art, no?


I think she liked canceling holidays like that or banishing us to our rooms. It always forced us to have nothing to do but clean our rooms like WICKED good. and i think when she put her tail between her legs and put christmas "back on" we were all in the blue plaid room (don't know who was in that room at that time) and there may have been some hair braiding and book reading going on....all in peaceful harmony. And she was all "WHY can't you act like this ALL the time?????"
I remember her slamming the door, I remember it going in. But I was not about to tell her. I probably would have been blamed and it would have been seen as an attempt to deflect blame. ALthough i probably pissed her off enough to CAUSE the door slam. That will always be a mystery.


Oh my GADS I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.

jen from boston

Em, a door slam like that is pretty hard to miss, and we all knew she did it, but none of us (with good reason) were willing to dive on that grenade. I had forgotten she had found us all chilling out being nice to one another. That really had to burn.

HS- This is why I'm like this. And probably influenced my use of the term "pocketbook".




Hilarious! You've always had it, Jen.

Fraulein N

"The children are the children..." This was awesome. I'm sitting here at work with my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.


You saved Christmas! With an essay! You're practically Linus! I should get you a blue blanket.

CAPlastic Surgeon

That's pretty true. Nice to see a young person got it and still believes in it.

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