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March 17, 2011



I bet you'll still be a badass. There might be a bit of a re-learning curve, sure, but parenthood can prepare you for anything. It's the most serious endurance sport there is.


Thanks for having faith in me, Nance. I deem your analysis to have merit, for somehow I was able to stay upright, unharmed, and played a solid C+ game.

elizabeth-flourish in progress

BADASS, for sure.

We need an update? How did it go???

Also, holding a kid on a hip counts for all kinds of conditioning? =)


You're officially a bad-ass mom...if I use a treadmill, I think I'm pretty tough. Glad to have you back posting!

jen from boston

Thanks for the votes for Bad Ass, ladies.

I survived with nary a (noticeable) head injury in sight(I did head the ball, too). Thank God for subs, tho. I don't know how I would have done if I had to play the entire time.

Thanks, Jane. Trying to get back into it. Helps to know you guys are still around these parts! I know I kinda let it go for awhile.


You had a St. Patty's Day game?

I hope you were able to refresh yourself after the game with a green beer.

I know it's been a while since I've seen you, but you looked remarkably the same then that you did at sixteen (and a half.) In other words, you may feel older than the other kiddies, but you probably don't look any older.

Nice cleats!


Hey Roo Girl- Yeah, a St. Pat's game (and the team was all of the "like, we're going home" mind- I know: LAME.) They all appeared in their 30s, so I wasn't too GRANDMA-GET OFF MY LAWN!-aged in comparison.

Thanks for the compliment. I was actually 16 and three-quarters. I feel I need to be accurate in my reporting there.

Those cleats? better help me drop a dress size. NO PRESSURE, CLEATS!

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