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March 16, 2011


elizabeth-flourish in progress

Glad to see you back!

And also, HAHAHAHA

Does this mean you don't show off your vajazzle at work during lunch? This is shocking to me? What about if/when you go to church? No vajazzle show? =)

The last time I was at a spa, there was a HUGE sign at the front counter "Now offering anal bleaching." It made my back away for some reason and want to flee. Spas....one step removed from reality.


What, don't you show your crotch off at any practicable opportunity?

I don't know what it is about spas (and even women's mags) that leave you thinking "I'm doing it wrong", but I think every person has that line in the sand that when you encounter an idea, and you just go, "oh HELL no". I thought a Brazillian, **whilst pregnant** no less, might have been a good (theory being I was at a point where I couldn't see what I was doing w/ the razor, it would save me some guessing work, etc). Yah, one rip in and I'm was, "fuck it, it's just not worth it." For me, it'll NEVER be worth it.

"Pog mo Vajazzle"- there's the joke.

I feel like there's an Erin Go Bragh(less) and this shamrock vajazzle I could work...

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