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April 09, 2011



Can't say that I blame you for wanting more out of the PD...some people (I'm looking at you, J) are truly unbelievable. Wonder what she's up to now?


I was wondering the same thing as Jane....wonder where J is now? Jail or high-paying corporate job??

jen from boston

I think things took a dive for her after this - getting into trouble, but then she seemed to chill out and got a job as a waitress later in high school, and am told she is now engaged to be married this year, so maybe she went on the trend of not being a (fucking) criminal. A nice thought.

I feel like I'm sounding harsh on a then-8th grader, but my sister tell the parters (there were 2 apparently) one was 10th grade and one was older than 10th grade. So now we're getting into "kids" who are almost legally defined as adults. And the fact they Mean-Girled robbed us (Em), like it was for sport, writing crappy things in journals, and calendars, ripping jeans, taking jewelry.


I'm getting mad just reading this.

How are you feeling now? Still steamed?

Boy, I would be.

jen from boston

I'm torn on this. I'm pissed because, while the jewelry had sentimental value (and I suppose $ value), it was the acts of being shitty human beings for the SAKE of being shitty human beings that chapped my ass. It's not like Em ever did anything to them, or my family for that matter. It was like they were trying out for Varsity Shitheads.

At the time, I really wish all 3 girls were pulled into the station (as it was, I DROVE 1). I would have LOVED to have the chance to meet the other two (they were sisters, I know one was a junior and one was older than that). The fact that I think they got off w/o any kind police meeting? That bugs me and I feel that was sloppy. In the end, the girl I DID know seems to have moved on (after being threatened with boarding school when she was busted for drugs) and is not currently living a life a crime, so ...I guess it worked out ok.


Yeah. It sounds like everything worked out all right. But there's an irritating lack of a sense of... closure? Justice? Something.

I wish people didn't suck as much as they sometimes do.


I can't imagine those girls robbing your family! It does sound like J was more of an a-hole than a criminal, but the girls who took the jewelery sound like they could have used a visit to the police station too. I would still be pissed about it too!

jen from boston

A sincere APOLOGY or SOME act of contrition or sense of guilt/admonishment would have been nice start. The whole thing reeked of teenage eye-rolling.

Yeah, all 3 girls deserved to be hauled in and scared shitless. WITH THEIR PARENTS THERE. It was a LAY UP, really. What a waste of tax dollars that day, man.

Fernando Severns

That's pretty rough stuff. It's sad to see kids act like that nowadays... you never really know what people are capable of when things like this happen. Maybe you should consider getting some sort of security set up, so nothing like this could happen again.At the very least, you guys are safe, and most of the stuff have been returned.

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