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April 13, 2011


Fred Joyal

Sometimes the most effective advertising irritates people! And the bad news for you is usually that level of pain means root canal. But the right dentist can make it go okay (but not cheap).

Fred Joyal
Founder, 1-800-DENTIST

jen from boston

Mr. Joyal-

Thank you for your comment! I will have to tell my friend Mary, she will flip.

After seeing the dentist, after xrays and an exam, he couldn't determine the source of the pain I was describing, however, there were some signs of broken down old fillings (3)with additional decay which will have to be dealt with. To your point, it'll hopefully go okay but as you and I both guessed correctly, will not be a cheap endeavor.

As they say in your world, "Be true to your teeth, or they'll be false to you."


elizabeth-flourish in progress

man oh man, teeth pain. i am so sorry to hear this and i am sorrier that they can't pinpoint the exact source of the pain. cause not knowing is another pain to deal with.

everything ok now?


My life just took a turn for the expensive. I need one crown (which I will get this week) and the other two are fillings (one's been done, the other to be done next week). I will be a frequent flier (except patient) member of the office for the next couple weeks. Still uncomfortable but getting better (I have temporary filling in one of my teeth).

Also: $1,300 out of pocket. Ugh. THAT sucks almost as bad.


Youch! Sorry your wallet's been so hard-hit. I hope your teeth are feeling a little better these days, though.

Jesse Hake

Really? $1,300 is very expensive for one crown and the fillings. Let's hope that amount is worth it in order to bring back your beautiful smile. :)

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