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April 04, 2011



She's so beautiful.


I'm glad the vacation turned out to be such a good one. And I sgree, she's beautiful.


Oh, those eyes and that little sweetheart mouth! What a lucky Mama! And as a fellow citizen of the great Commonwealth, I have to admit that I FORCED myself to wear sandals on Saturday when the temp dare to reach near-60...a failed attempt at mind over matter thinking, I guess.

elizabeth-flourish in progress

So, so beautiful.

Yay for the opportunity to get out of the cold and get a little sun....


Thank you all for the sweet comments on the girl.

Lauren- the day will come, right? It always does...right? No really, I'm asking (please say yes). A sunny, 70s Spring can't come fast enough. Glad we got away from the snow- I think that might've pushed us over the edge if we were here for it.

-R- yeah, glad the trip started tough but then took a hard upswing ending on a high note and not the other way round. For a first trip in the gear-heavy stage, teething, the cold, unpredictable nature of babies/kids, this trip had the potential to make me pretty itchy.

Elizabeth- Yes, oh God did I need the sun (and a ton of SPF). I have some funny videos of me & Mike doing pool "Dancing with the Stars" and various cheerleading stunts (note: I was never a cheerleader, so...). If you can overlook the less than appealing visual of me in a swimsuit, maybe I'll post one.

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What an innocent look, she hypnotize you with her eyes. Sure are real those pictures, looks to beautiful to be true, you melt on your feet when you look at her. I put her on my desktop :D


Hello. And Bye.

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